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Article XXXVIII: Eternal Bliss

Although worldly pleasures are transient, they are related to the eternal bliss of enlightenment. This ultimate bliss is beyond space, time, and causation, and is synonymous with ananda and moksha. The transient happiness of worldly pleasures can be thought of as a taste of Divine Bliss. It is almost as if the temporary happiness is like tasting chocolate with the plastic wrapper still on it. It certainly tastes sweet even with the wrapper, but there is still some amount of displeasure from the taste of the wrapper. However, eternal bliss is more like savoring the chocolate alone without the wrapper. Compared to the taste of the chocolate with the wrapper, the chocolate alone is more sweet and pure. If you extend this analogy further to eternal bliss beyond space, time, and causation, then one can approach the concept of enlightenment. Hence, worldly pleasure is related to eternal bliss, but it is only temporary, whereas enlightenment is eternal.

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