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Article LIX: Happiness and Enlightenment

When one is happy with the current state of worldly existence, it may not be evident why one would give up this happiness in order to aspire for enlightenment. However, worldly happiness is only a mere taste of the ultimate bliss one experiences through enlightenment. Worldly happiness is also dependent on circumstances, and, therefore, it can only be ephemeral, or temporary. However, enlightenment is independent of worldly situations, and, therefore, it can be eternal. Worldly happiness is analogous to eating a piece of candy with the wrapper still on. Whereas, the eternal happiness of enlightenment is analogous to eating the candy unwrapped in its untainted form. Certainly, the candy tastes sweet with the wrapper on, but unwrapped, the candy is of the pure nature it was intended for. Similarly, happiness still exists with worldly pleasure, but that transient happiness is only a taste of the pure, untainted bliss of enlightenment, which results when ignorance is removed. Bliss is inherent in the Ultimate, which is why Brahman is often described as SatchitANANDA, Existence-Consciousness-BLISS.

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